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There are many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of current and future residents of nursing homes in Kentucky.


Here are some ideas for a start:

  • Be a regular visitor. Did you know that 60% of residents in our nursing homes never have a visitor? Your presence for a short time every week or so can make a difference.
  • Get to know your local Ombudsman. He or she will be a valuable source of information about local nursing homes, and can help you find the right activity to make a difference (Click here to more information and to find your local Ombudsman)
  • Become active in the KYIQ Group. Numbers of voices are very important when we work toward change. We will work with you to find the right activity for you.
  • Engage your local church or community organization in contact and interaction with your local nursing homes.
  • Sponsor a presentation by the KYIQ Group at your church or community organization to help educate everyone about the need for improvements in nursing home standards. Our group will be happy to provide a speaker for gatherings.

Click here to learn more about opportunities near you!

Elder Care Services Kentucky Initiative for Quality Nursing Home Standards








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