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Our Mission

"Our initiative is focused on broadening public awareness of the need to preserve the dignity, physical care, and mental well being of all loved ones in nursing homes."

The goal of the non-profit Kentucky Initiative for Quality Nursing Home Standards ("KY IQ Group") is to pursue creative initiatives to explore common ground and foster a collaborative effort between nursing home providers, family members, advocates and elected officials to support a level of care for all nursing home residents that is consistent with our Mission Statement.

Our Vision for Nursing Home Care

There are nursing homes in Kentucky maintain exemplary facilities that provide quality care to their residents and preserve their dignity. Unfortunately, many other nursing homes fall short in the quality of care provided. Consequently, residents are subject to a risk of poor care, falls, pressure ulcers, serious neglect and abuse.

Our goal is to serve as an advocate and foster a collaborative environment that will ensure that all nursing homes provide the same superior care provided by the exemplary nursing homes.

Reasonable Expectations

1. Have their dignity preserved.
2. Are treated in a respectful way.
3. Are handled gently.
4. Have care and treatment plans followed.
5. Have medications dispensed correctly and on time.
6. Receive care appropriate to their skill level.
7. Have call lights answered in a timely manner.
8. Receive appropriate assistance for toileting, changes and bathing.
9. Are timely turned to avoid pressure ulcers.
10. Receive quality care every shift, every day by properly trained nurses and aides.

We believe these are reasonable expectations. Please help us make them a reality. contactus.kyiq@gmail.com


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Your donations help us put our Mission into action.  Every penny of your tax deductible contribution to KYIQ Group will go directly to efforts to educate people about nursing home conditions and support creative solutions to problem areas. Click the box below for more information!
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